Carter, Larry L
Associate Professor
WB 116
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Instructor Bio

I was awarded tenure at Utah Valley University in 2015 and currently serve the Woodbury School of Business as an associate professor of marketing. Prior to joining UVU in the summer of 2011, I was employed as an assistant professor of marketing as well as an adjunct instructor of martial arts at Idaho State University for two years. My wife (Anna) and I are both originally from Virginia and are extremely excited to be living here in the beautiful state of Utah. Anna is employed with Rio Tinto and we purchased a home in South Jordan to split our commutes and be centrally located within the Salt Lake and Utah County areas. In January of 2015, we were blessed with our firstborn son (Declan) and I opened a studio called Reliance Martial Arts & Yoga in Draper.

Academic Credentials

I earned my Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing Program) from Old Dominion University. The program specialized in international business and has provided me with the skills needed to tackle marketing with both a local and global perspective. Prior to entering the doctoral program, I earned both my B.S. and M.S. in Marketing from Virginia Tech. My academic research focuses on consumer attitudes and preferences within an international context, and my current studies investigate the roles of key determinants influencing consumers’ willingness to buy foreign goods.

Professional Background

The majority of my nonacademic work experience has been in the areas of sales, management and business consulting. After completing my B.S., I created and ran a small business for nearly four years teaching martial arts to kids and adults. I have also acquired several years of experience working in retail and restaurant establishments, quickly advancing into the management ranks. Once I began pursuing my Ph.D., my focus shifted heavily towards business consulting. Since 2004, I have aided several businesses in developing marketing plans, conducting critical market analyses, and addressing various business management issues.

Teaching Philosophy

I have broadened my teaching background by instructing both classroom and nonconventional (e.g., broadcasted, online and hybrid) courses over the past several years. While my favorite subjects are consumer behavior and international marketing, I have maintained a more comprehensive view of marketing by teaching a wide range of courses, including integrated marketing communications, Internet marketing, services marketing, small business consulting and marketing research.

As for my teaching objectives, my primary responsibility is to provide value to students with thorough and challenging instruction in the relevance, execution, and consequences of marketing activities. The students’ success is dependent upon my ability to stimulate and maintain their interest through thought-provoking discussions, appealing case studies and project-based collaborations with local businesses. I am also constantly seeking new and innovative ways to transfer knowledge through meaningful interactions with the students to help them analyze and comprehend complex business concepts for themselves.

Hobbies & Interests

When I’m not preparing students to become business leaders and entrepreneurs, I enjoy being outdoors doing a variety of activities from hiking and biking to skiing and snowboarding. I am also passionate about traveling worldwide and try to take at least one international trip each year to explore various cultures, lifestyles, customs and cuisines. Finally, having spent the past few decades learning and teaching various martial arts, I plan to continue this wondrous journey into the twilight years of my life.