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Recent PACE Suggestion Box Responses

Work Hours/Working from Home

Employees may talk with their supervisor to adjust work hours where appropriate and in accordance with UVU policy, 325 and 332.

Employee Parking

At this time there is NO requirement for Staff to pay a parking fee. All staff and their dependents will be receiving a UTA pass at no charge.  The BRT line will be running between Provo and Orem.  We hope many of our employees will ride the bus. For more information about parking please visit Parking Services.

Hourly Employees Holiday Leave

The cost of providing benefits to full-time employees is very high. Utah Code Annotated § 49-12-102 and 49-13-102 define "Regular full-time employee "as "an employee...who receives benefits normally provided by the participating employer." Resolution 2012-09 defines Paid-Time-Off as a "benefit normally provided." If UVU were to provide paid holiday leave for part-time employees, UVU would also be required to provide state retirement benefits. Hourly employees are informed when hired that their positions do not qualify for benefits. Each year, supervisors are asked to be flexible with hourly employees to give them opportunities to earn as much as possible (within their work limits) during the holidays. Each supervisor implements this in ways that work best for their department.

Tuition Benefits for Married Children Under 24 Years Old

At a minimum, a child ceases to be a dependent in the calendar year they turn age 24. Since tuition remission is an employee benefit, the monetary value of the tuition remission provided to a dependent child ages 24 – 26 will be added to the employee’s paychecks and W-2 as taxable income.

Compensation Increases as Compared to Faculty Pay and Insurance Costs

PACE supports and champions initiatives to increase staff compensation at every opportunity. Administration has been very supportive of staff compensation increases, even providing higher levels than that of faculty compensation increases in some years. Overall, UVU's faculty compensation numbers have increased more than staff since our move to university status. This is due to the need to provide more/higher credentialed faculty for accreditation, etc. Faculty quality is going up, as are the requirements to work here.

Insurance costs did rise dramatically during the period of lowest compensation increases, effectively lowering most employees' take-home pay. Much of these increases were due to large insurance claims during those years and Federal mandates. With our recent move to a different insurance provider, and increased health and wellness initiatives and awareness, last year's insurance costs didn't rise at all. Every staff member at UVU received a 1.25% pay increase last year, plus an additional $250 from medical premium savings.

HR and Administration know there are issues with staff pay. HR has requested about $1 Million this year to make adjustments ensuring that UVU's lowest paid staff are brought more in line with the market wages they could receive outside UVU. The goal is to bring all staff to within 10% of the median market pay level. Once within that range, UVU's pay structure is dependent upon the Utah Legislature to both allow and fund compensation increases. It is incumbent upon all of us to respectfully lobby our legislators to ensure that staff pay and higher education funding are a priority.