Community Service Leave Form

PACE Service Opportunities

UVU benefit eligible employees have the unique opportunity to Pay it Forward and stay on the clock for up to eight hours a year. By performing volunteer service as a representative of the University, you will build goodwill and much needed recognition for our educational purposes that can be obtained no other way. Let’s face it, there are needs all around us that can only be addressed and resolved by the hands of caring people.

In keeping with the spirit of this program, you are strongly encouraged to look for opportunities that you might not normally consider. This is not meant to diminish the value of everything UVU employees already do to contribute charitably in so many significant ways. It is meant to stretch UVU employees beyond the normal day to day kind acts that they already perform in order to maximize the potential of making a bigger difference by addressing a broader population of community needs.

Service Ideas:

 Center for Social Impact ( has many wonderful ideas and options for service.  Please review these regularly as there are new ideas added as they are made available.

Community Service Leave For UVU Employees:

General Information:

  • Benefit eligible employees are allowed eight hours leave each year to perform voluntary community service. It is recommended this leave is taken in amounts of time totaling four or eight hours. Service leave can be done on an individual basis, or as a group project. Service should be of a nature that benefits groups or organizations that lack the ability to perform service on their own. (Policy 361, 4.11)

Procedure & Approval Process:

  • First, the employee must obtain approval and schedule time off with their supervisor.
  • Second, the employee must complete the Community Service Leave form below to receive approval of the community service project from the PACE Service Committee. (It is recommended that request for approval be submitted at minimum 2 weeks prior to community service leave is taken)

Service Report:

After completing service, the applicant should email the Service Committee at with a brief paragraph explaining the service performed. If possible, provide a photo of the service project.