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Staff Education Fund

The PACE Staff Education Fund was established as a way to help and encourage full-time staff members to pursue their education beyond a bachelor's degree. Staff members that choose to pursue a Master's or Doctorate degree or certification in a job-related program specific to their position, can submit an application to be considered for the Staff Education Fund. Funds are awarded on a fiscal year basis (July 1-June 30) and the amount will vary depending on the number of staff members applying and the amount of funds to be distributed. The maximum funding award per year is currently $1500, and is reimbursed to the employee after completion of coursework with a grade of B or better. 

APPLY FOR THE STAFF Education fund


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Service Leave

Community Service Leave:

General Information:

  • Benefit eligible employees are allowed eight hours leave each year to perform voluntary community service. It is recommended this leave is taken in amounts of time totaling four or eight hours. Service leave can be done on an individual basis, or as a group project. Service should be of a nature that benefits groups or organizations that lack the ability to perform service on their own. (Policy 361, 4.11)

Procedure & Approval Process:

  • First, the employee must obtain approval and schedule time off with their supervisor.
  • Second, the employee must complete the Community Service Leave form to receive approval of the community service project from the PACE Service Committee. (It is recommended that request for approval be submitted at minimum 2 weeks prior to community service leave is taken)

Service Report:

After completing service, the applicant should email the Service Committee at with a brief paragraph explaining the service performed. If possible, provide a photo of the service project.

Community Service Leave Form


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Tuition Remission

The University provides eligible employees and their dependent opportunities for continual education development through tuition remission. Benefit-eligible employees receive UVU resident tuition and general student fees waived up to 18 credit hours per semester and their spouse and dependent children (unmarried, underage 26) receive UVU resident tuition waived only. Part-time hourly employees may be eligible to receive UVU resident and general student fees waived up to 3 credit hours or 1 class per semester. Adjunct faculty are eligible to receive UVU resident and general student fees waived up to the number of credits taught in the semester. Adjunct faculty must be actively teaching in order to receive the tuition waiver. Please contact Human Resources at 801 863-6012 for eligibility requirements and additional information, or visit Human Resources on the web through the link below.

Tuition Remission Information


Wolverine Wednesday

On Wednesdays, Rally The Valley In Your Wolverine Apparel!

Join us and wear UVU apparel on Wednesdays. It’s an easy way to show some school spirit and pride in our university. Let's come together in our Utah Valley experience by wearing school apparel each Wednesday.

Not only does wearing your UVU Apparel around campus on Wednesdays promote a common pride and spirit, but it also qualifies you for a number of discounts for food, apparel, and more. Find out more details through the link below.

Wolverine Wednesday Discounts