Goodwill Association

What is Goodwill?

The Goodwill Association is 100% funded by staff and faculty donations with the primary purpose of enhancing employee relations by maintaining a caring atmosphere at Utah Valley University.

Employees working at the Utah Technical College created the Goodwill Association over 40 years ago. At that time, Goodwill recognized employee life events such as weddings, baby showers and retirement, as well as, hospital stays and bereavement. As the college employee population grew, recognition of employee life events became a greater challenge.

Today, Goodwill sends get well wishes to UVU employees who experience hospital stays or who have experienced the loss of a family member. That special Goodwill touch tells UVU employees that someone cares. Currently there are 714 Goodwill members/supporters.

The membership dues are only $.50 per pay period or $12 per year. Payroll deduction is available and utilized in most all cases. The cost has not changed for the past 25 years.

become a member

To log in for the first time your user name will be, you will then be prompted you then to create a password. Once in your account, on the navigation bar on the top right of the page you will see "Blank Docs". Click on that and you will see a document titled "UVU Goodwill Association Form", select that file and follow the instructions to become a member.

How it Works

The membership dues are used for the following:

  • Send get-well floral baskets for hospital stays (greater than 3 days) typically for life threatening illnesses. (Birth of a child does not count for this stay.)
  • Send bereavement floral baskets at a time of loss of an employee’s mother, father, child, in-law, or spouse.

Employee Needing Goodwill?

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