Distinguished Employee Award

PACE Distinguished Employee Awards

Full-time and part-time employees of Utah Valley University are recognized for exceptional performance through the PACE Distinguished Employee Award program. Through these awards, exceptional UVU employees are acknowledged by their peers to be outstanding in their professions and to embody exemplary character traits and work ethics.  Award winners are recognized on the PACE Recognition Wall in the foyer of the Grand Ballroom.


Candidates for this prestigious award are recognized to possess one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Contribute to advancing the core values of UVU which are Exceptional Care, Exceptional Accountability, and Exceptional Results, which support our mission and action commitments of Include, Engage, Achieve, which leads to Student Success.
  • A tendency to contribute new ideas or processes.
  • An ability to create goodwill for UVU in the community and within their own departments.
  • Must include specific, concrete, and well-written examples for each of the three focus areas
  • Nominate somone for the PACE Distinguished Employee Award - 2020-2021

Award Criteria

Each year, up to eight full-time PACE employees are selected as Distinguished Employees of the Year and are awarded $1,750 each. Additionally, up to four part-time employees in non-student positions are selected and awarded $1000 each.

Recipients of this award:

  • must have been employed full-time for three years or part-time for one year;
  • cannot have received the award in the previous five years;
  • have been chosen by the following process:

Voting Procedure

  • Peers complete the PACE nomination form and submit to the Chair of the PACE Employee Recognition Committee.
  • Nominees' names are then forwarded to the PACE Distinguished Employee Award Committee.
  • Upon submission to the Committee, nominees are all considered equal regardless of the number of nominations received.
  • The Committee evaluates candidates through nomination statements, supervisor comments, and conversations with associates of the candidates.
  • The Committee then recommends up to eight full-time and up to four part-time (non-student position) candidates to the PACE Executive Board for final approval. The awards are presented by the PACE President, the President-Elect, and the Distinguished Employee Award Committee Members.

2020-2021 Full Time Distinguished Employee Winners

Portrait of Stacy

Stacy Fowler

Admin Support V - Planning/Budgets

Stacy is so creative in her efforts to help everyone feel included & valued. She epitomizes UVU's value of Exceptional Care.

Portrait of Austin

Austin Scoresby

Supervisor - Media Services Projects

Austin is always positive and works hard in the trenches creating solutions that impact both employees and students.

Portrait of Scott

Scott Draper

HVAC Lead - Space Management

Scott has worked to make the Central Plant more sustainable. His creative ideas for improving operations and controls will save the university over $250,000 per year in electrical costs.

Portrait of April

April Kirk

Academic Advisor I - CHSS

Covid-19 has taken its toll on UVU students. April helps them work through emotions, life challenges, and plan for the uncertain future during the pandemic.

Portrait of Melisa

Melisa Zobell

Coordinator - Campus Services

Melisa is always willing to help out and answer any question! She is so knowledgeable and understands the protocols and processes of SO many departments, she is an ESSENTIAL ASSET to the facilities department.

Portrait of Richard

RJ (Richard) Willing

Director - Community Education

Community Outreach/Economic Development. Richard provides a safe and welcoming environment where the team is equally treated with respect no matter what job we hold.

Portrait of Jena

Jena Giddings

Coordinator - Web & Marketing Comm

Jena has transformed OTL's web presence and marketing for the better! She stays current in her field and furthers her own professional development in order to apply new and relevant approaches to her work.

Portrait of Alex

Alex Gebers

Program Manager - Intramurals

Alex is dedicated to making all of our students feel welcome and included here at UVU. He was the driving force behind our “We Stand Together” t-shirts that were printed this year in support of our diverse student population.

2019-2020 Part Time Distinguished Employee Winners

Portrait of daniel

Daniel Lewis

Support Technician III

Dan has helped come up with many new ways to interface with classroom computers and deploy security, programs and settings campus wide. This has made classroom computer support more sustainable and efficient.

Portrait of Adaelide

Adaelide Simpson

Assistant - GEAR-Up

Adelaide is always finding new ideas or support staff. She finds resources or finds solutions on what staff may need to help their program succeed.

Portrait of samuel

Samuel Hill

Intermediate Research Analyst

Sam is all about the students and how to position our department effectively and strategically to be engaging for students and life-long learners. Sam cares deeply for the people around him and works to ensure that everyone is taken care of and can work to the best of their ability.

Portrait of Victoria

Victoria Hopkinson

Admin Support III – Web Development

Victoria goes above and beyond to make sure all of the members of the department feel needed and ensures the success of the Web Development Services through Exceptional Care.