PACE Committees


Coordinates PACE General Board involvement in discussions and communications related to university benefits. Attends monthly and ad-hoc University Benefits Committee, as called by the Benefits Office. PACE President and President-Elect/Past President also attend University Benefits Committee. PACE has two votes on the University Benefits Committee.

Trish Baker

Trish Baker

Benefits Chairperson

Trish Baker is a native of Scotland, where she worked as a civil servant in the human resources department of the Scottish Court Service. She moved to Utah in 2005 to pursue her Master of Public Administration degree at the red school up north (before she knew better!)

Before coming to UVU, she worked in the online college of Southern New Hampshire University in curriculum and assessment, and The University of Utah as a policy analyst, training manager, and program manager for a master’s program. While the U, she served for two years on Staff Council. During this time, she worked on a major project with the benefits team to expand the use of sick leave to a wider range of family members, and to increase maternity leave coverage for staff. She has been at UVU since August 2018 and loves the work she is doing here to make a difference for students. She has felt right at home since she started at UVU, and is excited for this potential opportunity to serve the fantastic employees at this great institution, especially when UVU is undergoing so much transformation.

Trish has two energetic sons, aged 7 and 4, who keep her busy and laughing. There is never a dull moment at her home. In the little free time she has left, she loves music of all kinds, and sings in a community choir as well as attending as many performances as she can.


Bylaws / Procedures

Maintains PACE Bylaws and Procedures documents. Aids PACE Committees and Senators in updating committee procedures, and performs at least an annual review of all procedures. Makes and receives recommendations for changes to PACE Bylaws, and explains Bylaws changes to PACE membership at the annual PACE General Meeting. Ensures PACE Executive and General Boards follow Bylaws and Procedures in all activities.

Natalie Shelley

Natalie Shelley

Bylaws / Procedures Chairperson

Natalie started working at UVU in 1998 while pursuing and earning her degree in Behavioral Science, Psychology emphasis at UVSC, and has worked in various roles throughout the years. These include working in the Payroll office, Administrative Support for Philosophy and Humanities and Communication departments  and currently works as an Academic Advisor, advising Public Relation students in the Communication department. She earned a Masters degree from Fort Hays State University in Organizational Leadership in 2015. Natalie enjoys helping her students succeed both academically and personally and finds great satisfaction in journeying with students through their educational path. Natalie is part of a big, brady bunch blended family with 6 kids ranging in ages from 19 to almost 3, which keeps her busy. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking and reading. 



Promotes and coordinates annual PACE Elections process. Verifies eligibility and willingness of nominated individuals. Gathers and disperses candidate information to PACE members. Oversees voting and announces election results.

Stacy Fowler

Stacy Fowler

Election Chairperson

Stacy Fowler’s connection to UVU started in 1998 in the Distance Education department. 10 years later she chose to stay home with her three small children, but continued to work for UVU as a part time grader. In 2012, when her youngest started school, she was excited to return to UVU as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Planning, Budget and Human Resources. Stacy received recognition for Distinguished Employee of the Year Award in 2005-2006 and the Planning, Budget, and Human Resources Divisional Award of Excellence in 2014-15. Stacy served as the PACE Secretary/Treasurer in 2016-2018 and would love the opportunity to serve on PACE again. 


Employee Recognition

Promotes PACE programs for recognizing exemplary employees. In coordination with university leaders, and in accordance with university recognition policies and procedures, selects PACE Distinguished Employee Award recipients. Encourages peer recognition and selects recipients of Wolverine Sighting Awards. Coordinates with university divisions and departments to promote recognition programs and to provide meaningful awards to employees. Provides recommendations for programs to recognize great employees.

Natalie Healy

Natalie Healy

Employee Recognition Chairperson

Natalie has worked in the IT department at UVU for 4 years, with the last 3 years have been in Network and Telecom, helping the university with any phone issues.  She grew up in Albuquerque, graduated from BYU in Clothing & Textiles, and is married with 4 teenaged boys. 


Coordinates and promotes involvement of PACE members with the university community and encourages social interaction between employees. Oversees various social events for employees annually. Encourages involvement of university employees in social and service opportunities.

Kylee Keele

Kylee Keele

Events Chairperson

UVU Ambassador- 2015-2017
Center for the Advancement of Leadership, LEAD program graduate- 2017
UVUSA Traditions Chair- 2016-2017
UVU Homecoming Committee Member- 2016-2017
UVUSA Special Events Chair- 2017-2018
UVU Campus Connection Executive Assistant- 2018

Bachelors of Science in Marketing
Business Management Minor
Distinction in Leadership

Legislative Affairs

Promote and encourage PACE member involvement in the legislative process. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with university legislative liaisons and efforts. Coordinate PACE legislative efforts with those of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA).

Jakell Larson

Jakell Larson

Legislative Affairs Chairperson

Jakell “Jake” Larson has been working at Utah Valley University as the Internship Manager for Government and High Impact Internships for the last two years. She graduated from Utah Valley University in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Political Science degree and a minor in Constitutional Studies, and the University of Utah in 2020 with a Master in Public Administration degree. One of Jakell’s job functions is to oversee the Utah State Legislative Intern program where she prepares and manages students interning for legislators during the session. She also dual reports to UVU’s Government and Community Relations and understands UVU’s relationship with state decision makers. Jakell was appointed to serve as the Student Regent in 2018-2019 where she served as an advocate for over 180,000 students to the Utah State Legislature and the Utah State Board of Regents. Jakell is fueled by the political process (and RedBull) and understands that closely following the legislative session and clearly communicating needs and decisions are important to this position. She would be thrilled to serve UVU Staff by being the PACE Legislative Affairs Chair.   

Marketing & Communication

Provides tools and guidance for communications from PACE and PACE Committees with PACE membership. Maintains PACE web and social networking sites. Makes recommendations to PACE Executive Board on communication best practices.

Collin Craig

Collin Craig

Marketing & Communication Chairperson

Collin Craig is a seasoned IT technician with over 3 years of experience in securing and maintaining computer systems in a physical architecture. CompTIA A+ certified, he is also skilled in computer repair, Linux scripting, network configurations, and cybersecurity. Advancing skills in multiple computer science languages and computer troubleshooting. Associate degree graduate from UVU, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the information technology program at Utah Valley University with an emphasis on network security.

Policy Review

Coordinates PACE review of stage 2 policy drafts. Coordinates with University Policy Office related to the policy pipeline. Disperses policy drafts to PACE General Board for review. Gathers and compiles feedback from PACE General Board members and conducts a vote to accept feedback as PACE’s official comments. Submits official PACE comments to policy stewards and policy office.

Ben Burk

Ben Burk

Policy Review Chairperson

Ben Burk, raised in Puerto Rico, is a graduate of UVU and has been riding the waves of growth and change with the UVU family for over 18 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and currently works in end user technical support for the College of Engineering & Technology where he has helped to create policy for the College. Ben has always been a strong advocate for UVU and its staff and looks forward to serving them as the Chair of the Policy Review Committee for PACE.

Professional Development

Promotes Staff Education and Staff Development Fund programs to employees. Gathers and compiles requests for funding. Selects funding recipients according to policies and guidelines. Coordinates budgets for Staff Education and Staff Development, including check requests for funding recipients, according to policies and guidelines.

Michael Snapp

Michael Snapp

Professional Development Chairperson

I have been with UVU since 2001. Previous positions include High School Relations Coordinator, and Director of Enrollment Marketing. I have taught Student Success (1.5 years), Career Prep (5 years), Public Speaking (6 years), and am in my seventh year of teaching Marriage and Relationship Skills.

I get to help people with the two biggest decisions of their lives: what they will do for a career (as director of the Career Development Center), and who their partner in life is going to be (as an instructor of Marriage and Relationship Skills). It is very rewarding.

I have a BS in Communication (Weber State University) with a minor in Sociology of the Family; an M.Ed. in Educational Counseling (University of Phoenix), and will complete my doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership (Abilene Christian University) with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution during the summer of 2020.

I am a husband to one, and a father to five. My focuses in life are Family, Faith, Fitness, Friends, Failure, and Forgiveness. I'm a published author, love traveling, riding motorcycles (dirt bikes and road bikes), grilling tri tip roast and fish tacos, college football, documentaries, and weekly date night with my wife.


Service & Scholarship

Approves Service Leave requests by all employees according to university policy and guidelines. Compiles reports received about service performed by employees. Coordinates PACE service opportunities and projects. Coordinates with university scholarship offices on all details related to the PACE Scholarship program. Promotes PACE Scholarship to employees to solicit donations. Selects and recognizes scholarship recipients according to policies and guidelines.

Kellie Hancock

Kellie Hancock

Service & Scholarship Chairperson



Wolverine Pride

Promotes school pride among employees, especially staff, through activities, communication, and spirit building. Coordinates with students, faculty, departments, and administration to promote and enhance employee attendance at athletics, the arts, and other university sponsored events, provides leadership and support to the University Wolverine Pride Committee. Chairs the University Wolverine Price Executive Committee. To stay up to speed on current Wolverine Pride events, take the pledge at

Chris Medina

Chris Medina

Wolverine Pride Chairperson

Chris has been with UVU for over 23 years. He is employed with the facilities department as an electrician and lead lighting specialist.

Chris thoroughly enjoys UVU and attending as many sporting events as he can. He is an avid UVU basketball fan and was even awarded UVU fan of the year.

Chris enjoys spending time with his family and is looking forward to welcoming a grandchild in the fall.

Chris bleeds green and is the definition of a true wolverine!