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UFLC-OTL Builds | Spring 2022

CFLC Builds

Course Design Plan (CDP): A document that includes Course #, Title, Course Description, Backward Design, Module Titles and Objectives, and Learning Resources.

Course Development (CD): Course is built in Canvas.

Button Up (BU): The “button up” procedure is used as part of the CFLC Build process. It is intended to prepare courses for the quality review process. The “button up” procedures consist of the following processes: 1) Template, 2) Accessibility, and 3) Copyright

Quality Review (QR): A survey is sent to 3 reviewers through Qualtrics where they compare the Canvas Course Shell to the provided Rubric.

Versioning Verification (VS): Verify that the live version of the course matches the course that went through CFLC Builds process.

Student Feedback Survey (SFS): Student survey about course design placed within a live version of the course.

UFLC-OTL Builds | Fall 2021

UFLC-OTL Builds | Summer 2021


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