Installing Spirion on Windows

  1. You can obtain the installation msi file from My UVU.

    After logging into My UVU, select the Technology Services and Support under the Employees tab in the left most column.

    The Spirion installation file is located in the Software Downloads area. Expand the Spirion folder by clicking the title. Expand the Windows folder and select the current msi file to download.
MyUVU tech support page
Note: If a message appears at the bottom of your browser window indicating the signature of the file is corrupt or invalid, click the View downloads button, then right-click the Spirion .msi file and click Run anyway.

Image of the Spirion installer in the downloads bar.
Once the download is complete, run the installer. The installer has been pre-configured so you should not need to make any selections.
You can verify that it has installed successfully by locating it in the All Programs section of your Start Menu.

Image Showing That Identity Finder Is Now Located In The All Programs Folder


We recommended you read through the documentation to help you get started using Spirion.

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