Academic Technology Steering Committee

Committee Members

Name Area Representing Role/Title
Laura Busby Academic Affairs Senior Analyst / Coordinator of Academic IT
Ray Walker Information Technology Associate VP/CIO Information Technology
Vickie Walker Committee Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant to Associate VP/CIO
Robert Ward Community and Continuing Education Area IT Director / Operations Director
Mark Stevens Digital Learning Center Systems Librarian - Library
Dan Clark Extended Education Senior Director Distance Education
Ursula Sorensen Faculty Center Associate Director - Faculty Teaching Excellence
  Student Body President, UVUSA

College/School Representation

Name Area Representing Role/Title
Steve Bule School of the Arts Associate Dean
Phil Ahyou School of the Arts Area IT – Technician
Toni Harris College of Humanities & Social Sciences Assistant Dean for Administration
Cameron Jarman College of Humanities & Social Sciences Area IT – Technician
Daniel Horns College of Science & Health Professor
Bruce Wilson College of Science & Health Department Chair
Abraham Teng College of Technology and Computing Associate Dean
Kevin Young College of Technology and Computing Area IT Director
  University College Assistant Dean
Jordan Kratochvil University College Area IT – Technician
Eugene Seeley Woodbury School of Business Associate Dean
Michael Taylor Woodbury School of Business Area IT Director

VP Liaisons and other non-voting members

Name Area Representing Role/Title
Jim Innes VP Legislative & Administrative Affairs Area System Technician
Scott Horne VP Student Affairs Testing Center System Administration
Bart Jacobs VP Institutional Advancement Area Senior DBA - Alumni
Travis Tasker Media Services Director of Media Services

Kathren Brown, Chair

This is a coordinating committee for the academic technology areas. This committee makes recommendations about disbursement of academic technology funds, collaborates in making process and coordinates implementation of IT solutions. The committee members' charge is to provide two-way communication on all academic IT issues within their area. ATSC’s decisions are recommendations to President’s Council through EIP for final adoption.