Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Be Currently Enrolled At UVU To Participate In NSE?

YES --- UVU students that would like to exchange to another participating U.S. university must be enrolled full-time and be in good standing with UVU, academically and financially, the semester prior to exchange. In addition, students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and have completed 24 credits before exchange.

How Much Will It Cost To Participate In The NSE?

Students must pay a one-time application fee of $225. This application fee is nonrefundable. Housing, meals, books, insurance, etc, are paid at the host school.

Do I Have To Enroll Full-Time At The Host School?

YES --- UVU students are expected to maintain full-time status at the host school for the entire duration of the exchange.

Can I Use My Financial Aid To Help Pay Tuition And Other Costs?

YES --- UVU students who receive financial aid from the federal government, the state or academic tuition waivers from UVU may use this money to help pay for tuition and other associated costs such as meals and housing. Students that receive scholarships from private sources should contact the sponsors to confirm that the money can be used for an exchange.

Does Every U.S. University Participate In NSE?

NO --- There are over 200 participating schools throughout the United States. See Map of Participating Schools for a complete list.

How Do I Apply For Participation In NSE?

Students who want to attend another school through NSE must complete and return applications NSE Application forms are available at the NSE office located in the Losee Center, Career Development Center, LC 409. Return to the NSE office in February of the year preceding the exchange year. Students cannot negotiate their own exchanges and all application materials must go through UVU NSE coordinator.

How Do I Register For Classes At The Host School?

Once a student is placed at the host site, the host school NSE coordinator will send additional application materials, class registration forms, housing applications and any other paperwork needed for enrollment. Once the materials are received, the students must follow time schedules and guidelines for registration issued by the host school.

How Do My Credits And Grades Transfer Back To UVU?

You must request an official transcript be sent to UVU from your host institution. The UVU Records Office will post the credits and GPA earned at the host school, but they will not be factored into your UVU GPA.

Can I Work While On Exchanging At Another School?

YES --- but we advise that students to not depend on jobs to fund an exchange. We cannot guarantee that you will find a job or that it will pay you enough to meet your expenses. Know also that many new concerns of an unfamiliar location could cause added stress.

Picture of NSE Student wearing a hat

May I Return To UVU If I Am Not Happy At The Host School?

We cannot force students to remain at the host school, but keep in mind that if a student withdraws from the NSE program after the semester has begun and before it has ended, the student must officially resign from both the host school and UVU in a written form. You may still be responsible to pay your tuition depending on the resignation date.

Can I Establish Residency In The Host State While I Am On Exchange?

Students participating are considered visiting students and cannot establish residency at the host school while on exchange. Students contemplating transfer to the host school must realize that they will have to meet that states residency criteria after completion of the program.

Can I Contact Students Who Have Participated In NSE In The Past?

YES --- You may call the UVU NSE office for contact names or e-mail addresses of those students who have participated in the past or are currently on an exchange.

Where Can I Get A General Catalog For The Host School?

Many of the schools also have catalog information -- along with academic, student life, and area information -- on their websites.

When Will I Find Out That I Have Been Accepted To The Host School?

The UVU NSE coordinator places and accepts students at an annual NSE placement conference in mid-March. The coordinator will make every effort to reach students to report placement results while at the conference. Otherwise, a list will be posted of students and their placements at the NSE office. It is vital that students apply for admission at their host school and send OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS immediately. Credit evaluation must take place so students can enroll in courses with prerequisites when registration begins.

How Long Can I Stay On Exchange And Can I Extend My Time?

Students can exchange for one full academic year. That means one fall and one spring semester.

Who Will Sign My Academic Advising Form?

You must meet with your academic advisor to compare UVU courses with the courses at the host institution. The academic advisor must sign and approve the courses for the credits to be transferred on the “NSE Advance Credit Approval Form”. The student, the academic advisor, Financial Aid officer, Transfer Credit personnel, and the NSE Program Manager must all sign the form. After they have signed it, the student will take the form to the NSE office, LC 409. The original form with the three signatures will be placed in the student's file in the NSE office. This is the proof that the credits stated on the sheet will transfer.

I Have Not Received Any Information From The School I Am Going To Attend, What Do I Do?

Students should contact the NSE coordinator at the school they will attend to discuss any problems they are having with that institution. Visit the Participating Schools page to find the host institution's website or contact UVU’s NSE office, LC 409, and we will help you with the proper NSE coordinator.