Financial Matters

Qualified students may receive federal financial aid from UVU for Plan B, or from the “Host” School on Plan A. FASFA applications will be accepted starting January of each academic year; you must have completed tax forms (a drivers license number is also requested but not mandatory) to complete this process. Go to Help to complete the federal electronic form can be found at Instant Info, BA 106a, 801 863-6330 or 6333.


The National Student Exchange utilizes two different plans for payment of tuition and fees. UVU utilizes both payment Plan A and B. Your choice of where you pay your tuition is dependent upon the plan of your home as well as your host university.

  • Under PLAN A, instate tuition and fees will be paid directly to the host campus.
  • Under PLAN B, instate tuition and fees will be paid directly to the home university. If you currently pay non-resident tuition to your home campus, you should expect to continue to do so while on exchange.


If you choose to live on campus at your host university, you will pay the cost for room and meals directly to the host campus, not to your home university. Housing options and meal plans vary greatly from campus to campus. Consult individual institution catalogs and campus web home pages (links at for descriptions and costs of specific room and meal plan options.


Whether you participate under Plan A or Plan B, you will also be expected to pay those fees, which are assessed as a condition of your enrollment (e.g., laboratory fees, art and photography supplies, course surcharges, and computer fees). Field trips and special events fees may be charged for NSE group activities on your host campus.


Your home campus will assess a fee which will be due when you submit your NSE Application for exchange participation. This is an application fee and is not refundable. Should you not be placed, be placed and decline your placement, accept your placement and later withdraw or become ineligible, no refund will be given.


You are encouraged to carefully review all possible expenses as well as your own personal and/or family resources for exchange. Expenses related to transportation to and from the host campus, personal expenses, and travel and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange are your responsibility. Transportation costs to the host campus can vary widely depending on the institution’s accessibility to major transportation systems as well as the distance from your current place of residence.