How to connect to Wolverine-WiFi (Windows)

  1. Connect to Wolverine-Wifi.

    • Click on the Wifi icon in the System Tray.
    • Click on Wolverine-Wifi.
    • Check the box for Connect Automatically.
    • Click on Connect.

    1. Connect to Wolverine-Wifi
  2. Open a browser, and you should be redirected to a UVU Authentication page. (If you are not redirected automatically, try navigating to in your browser.)

    1. Authorization Page Image

    • Enter your UVID and Password.
    • Download Bradford Persistent Agent and run it.

    1. Bradford Installation Wizard

    • After setup is finished, a login window will pop up. Enter your UVID and Password.

    1. Bradford Agent Login Window

  3. After it scans your computer it will connect you to the Internet.