Limited Math Leap Sessions are being offered for students that need to place into a Math Class for summer or fall semester. 

The Math Leap Sessions are conducted remotely in Teams, or Face to Face. Those who have registered for a Teams session should download the Teams app appropriate for their operating system and sign in with their The password is the same as your MyUVU password. If you sign in correctly, you should see a Team titled Math Leap. You should also have received an email to your UVU email account with information on how to join the meeting.

 If you are having trouble, or if you need further help, please contact us at

Math Leap

UVU will offer Math Leap sessions all summer.  You can choose between face to face or online sessions, with synchronous delivery - in which a full-time faculty member will teach you through Microsoft Teams using the ALEKS learning system. You will be able to ask questions via Teams.  The sessions available are listed below.

Each three-week Math Leap session is $25 with scheduled classes twice a week. You will need to spend time outside of class working in the ALEKS learning system. Passing the system's math modules will qualify you to register for a math class in the fall.

The Math Leap program is designed to give students the opportunity to review their math knowledge in a friendly, student-centered environment using ALEKS. The goal is to help each student eliminate a semester or more of math!

The program begins with a pre-test that will determine the knowledge of each participant. A customized study path will then be created for each student, focusing on the areas that need the most work.

Participants will have access to online resources to help them master the necessary concepts. Participants are expected to come to class every day for the three weeks of the program. During class time, they will receive individualized instruction from both the online software and a faculty member. They are also expected to work from home.

Students will then be given a post-test to place into a higher math class. The post-test placements will vary based upon the effort an individual puts forth during the program.

Below you will find Math Leap program dates and time, and a link to register. The full program costs $25.

What does my ALEKS score mean? Follow the link below to learn what your ALEKS score means for your math placement.

ALEKS Scores

Math Leap Registration


Full Math Leap Program, 2021 - $25

 Instructor Dates Days Time Room 
Prep for Fall:        
Darren Wiberg 5/18 - 6/3 T/H Morning - 9AM-12PM Face to Face - Room LA-026 - CLOSED - CLASS IS FULL
Clay Brown 5/25 - 6/10 T/H Evening - 6PM - 9PM Live Stream - CLOSED  - CLASS IS FULL
Yingxian Zhu 6/1 - 6/17 T/H Morning - 9AM-12PM  Live Stream - CLOSED - CLASS IS FULL
David Dean 6/7 - 6/23 M/W Morning - 9AM-12PM Face to Face - Room LA026
Christine Walker 6/15 - 7/1 T/H Evening - 6PM - 9PM

Face to Face - Room LA026

Christine Walker 6/21 - 7/7 M/W Evening - 6PM - 9PM Face to Face - Room LA026
Clay Brown 6/29 - 7/15 T/H Morning - 9AM -12PM Live Stream - Microsoft Teams
David Dean 7/5 - 7/21 M/W Morning - 9AM -12PM Face to Face - Room LA026
Harish Bhatt 7/13 - 7/29 T/H Evening - 6PM - 9PM Live Stream -CLOSED - CLASS IS FULL
KC Lee 7/19 - 8/4 M/W Evening - 6PM - 9PM Face to Face - Room LA026