Social Media

Make your social media efforts work to your advantage. You’ll find resources and tools here to help you create a more strategic social media presence and a better user experience.

If you find yourself stuck in social media mud, set up a consultation for some help and strategic guidance to keep your efforts moving forward.

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Social media protocol.

Just getting started on social media? Make sure you register your account with UVU. Review this official protocol document before creating any pages.

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University Hashtags.

Hashtags are words or phrases that, when preceded by a # symbol, become searchable terms on many forms of social media. UVU has established several official hashtags for use in organizing, promoting and searching content on social media. These include:

  • #UVU
  • #UVUlife
  • #WolverineGreen

Social media branding resources.

For a more professional social media presence, UVU encourages social media managers across campus to take advantage of a custom-made profile picture and specially commissioned cover photos for your UVU-related social media accounts.

Cover Photos

Visit UVU’s repository of campus photos. It is available for you to use as cover photos for your area’s social media accounts. To request a custom photo that is specific to your area, please submit a request using the marketing services request form.

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Profile Photos

To request a social media profile picture for your area’s social media accounts, submit a request to marketing services. Have in mind a word or acronym that people will recognize to represent your area. According to the branding style guide, these images are only to be used for social media profile branding.