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Episode 55 Off The Shelf 7 Small Film March
Episode 54 Off The Shelf - Not a Librarian 1 Small Film March
Episode 53 Off The Shelf 6 Film strip February
Episode 52 Off The Shelf 5 Film strip January


Episode 51 Off The Shelf 4 Small Film November
Episode 50 Off The Shelf 3 Small film November
Episode 49 Off The Shelf Halloween Edition 2013 Small Film October
Episode 48 Off The Shelf 2 Small Film August
Episode 47 Off The Shelf 1 Small Film July
Episode 46 Red Shirt Film strip April
Episode 45 Back to the Future Sound March
Episode 44 TEXTBOOK RESERVE! Film strip January


Episode 43 All I Want for Christmas Film strip December
Episode 42 Food 4 Fines Film strip November
Episode 41 Study Wars: A New Hope Film strip October
Episode 40 Finders of the Last Source Film strip September
Episode 39 The Tour of the Library Film strip August
Episode 38 Ninja! Film strip April
Episode 37 Funpocalypse Film strip March 
Episode 36 Love and Libraries Film strip February
Episode 35 Dawn of a New Era Film strip January


Episode 34 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Tech Aide Film strip December
Episode 33 Twilight Sound November
Episode 32 Memoirs of an Invisible Man Sound October
Episode 31 Student Survivor Sound September
Episode 30 COPS: Concerns of Pressured Students Sound April
Episode 29 Get a Job: The Musical Sound March
Episode 28 I LOVE the Library Film strip February
Episode 27 World of LibraryCraft Film strip January


Episode 26 How Finals Stole Christmas Sound December
Episode 25 Harry and the Can of Pickled Newt Brains Sound November
Episode 24 Here We Come to Save the Day Film strip October
Episode 23 Who Wants to Be a Straight A Student! Sound September
Episode 22 ElecTRONic Databases Film strip March
Episode 21 I Love LibCast Film strip February
Episode 20
When Zombies Attack Sound January


Episode 19 It's a Wonderful Library Film strip December
Episode 18 Food for Fines will Pay Your Dues Sound November
Episode 17 Psycho for Study Rooms Film strip October
Episode 16 The Wizard of ERES Sound September
Episode 15 Get a Clue Film strip August
Episode 14 Science Fiction Frontiers Film strip May
Episode 13 No Such Thing as Gnomes Small Film April
Episode 12 Who Would Win? Sound March
Episode 11 3 Sound February
Episode 10 The Adventures of Captain Copyright & the Evil Infringer sound January


Episode 9 Got Fines? sound December
Episode 8 Iron(ic) Chef sound November
Episode 7 Science Fiction Frontiers sound October
Episode 6 Library Mythbursters sound September
Episode 5 Step into the Finals Zone sound April
Episode 4 Plagiarizers Anonymous sound March
Episode 3 Rap Up Your Research sound February
Episode 2 Celebrating Sundance sound January


Episode 1 Where's the Library? Sound December

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