Summer 2022 tutoring will begin Monday, May 16th. Please read the new instructions for booking sessions.

Our Services

Language students at UVU may access the Language Lab (LA 003G) and tutoring services in American Sign Language, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


The lab provides study space, a computer lab with specialized software, and camera equipment and green screens for filming in the lab space.


When you schedule an appointment, remember to select the language tutor under “Select Staff (Optional).” [It’s not really optional.]

Currently, students are limited to two tutoring appointments per week.  Contact the lab for approval to add additional sessions.

Spanish students are strongly encouraged to study in groups.  When booking your appointment, include the names and student IDs of all participants under "Notes".


Contact the Lab

Location: LA 003G (map)

Phone: (801) 863-7257


Lab Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00 pm

Some tutors offer online appointments after hours, which you can see under "Schedule an Appointment."



Meet the Team

In the Language Lab office, you'll meet our wonderful staff who will help you sign-in and answer any questions:

Language Lab Manager: James Krause

Make an appointment by following the links above under "Schedule a Tutor" with one of our talented tutors. 
Note: Only ASL and Spanish offer tutors during Summer Semester

American Sign Language:  Anne Fife
Spanish: Luis Ñaupari

Check your hours

The Link to QUE reporting is live. This is the best way to check how many hours you have completed in the tutoring center. Alternatively, you may email Lab Staff and ask how many hours you have at 

 Check Hours