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Our Mission

Deaf Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on work from a variety of academic disciplines including anthropology, history, linguistics, interpretation and translation, education, psychology, sociology, public administration, political science, social work, philosophy, ethics, art, literature, and American Sign Language (ASL) instruction. Students will examine elements of what culturally- Deaf people in America have traditionally called "the Deaf-World" with special attention to the framework of meaning from within which culturally-Deaf people interpret what it means to be Deaf. The interdisciplinary nature of Deaf Studies courses challenges students to approach cultural descriptions critically. The Deaf Studies minor offers students a strong complement to a wide variety of majors. Students who earn this minor will find increased employability in a range of professions. The minor in Deaf Studies provides students with a historical, cultural, and linguistic foundation. From this foundation the minor prepares students to become certified interpreters, to become ASL and Deaf studies teachers, to pursue graduate work in deaf education and a variety of other disciplines, and to engage in any number of professional fields related to deafness.