Senior Thesis Completion


Preparing Your Thesis for Defense

The steps below are for all Integrated Studies Capstone II students who are working to complete their senior thesis paper/project.

1. Follow this example to create a thesis title page specific to your thesis. Create your title page in a word processing program and export it in both .DOC and .PDF formats.

2. Use a word processing program to export the latest draft of your thesis paper in both .DOC and .PDF formats.

3. Electronically attach your thesis title page to your thesis paper draft. You can do this via any .PDF merge program.

4. In advance of your thesis defense date, provide electronic and hard copies (if requested) of your combined thesis and title page to each of your thesis mentors. Please give your thesis mentors plenty of time to review your thesis before your defense date.

5. Follow this example to create a thesis approval page specific to your thesis. Print the thesis approval page and bring it with you to your thesis defense. If you pass your thesis defense, your thesis mentors will be asked to sign this form.

6. Once you have passed your thesis defense, make sure your Integrated Studies Capstone II professor has electronic & hard copies of your title page, approval page, and thesis.  

7. (Optional – If your thesis is approved after defense) Consider having your work archived in the UVU library's digital collection, where it will be available to other students & the public for research purposes. To submit your work for inclusion in the archive, please use the UVU Library's online submission form to attach your merged title page & final thesis draft in .PDF format: /library/archives/digital-repository-submission.php