Outdoor Recreation Internship Application

Before beginning this application please do the following: 


  1. Meet with Scott Williams before you begin the application process for initial approval of your internship.  
  2. Locate an internship opportunity. For questions about finding an internship you can schedule an appointment with James McCoy, CHPS Internship Coordinator.

  3. Complete Internship Orientation  and save your completion code .  Your completion code will be displayed to you once you complete the Orientation and will be sent to you by email as well. 

  4. Submit your application by selecting "Start Application" below. Have the following information ready before launching the document.
  • Name and address of Internship Provider/Company
  • Internship Site Supervisor name, email, and phone.  The Internship Site Supervisor is the individual employed by your Internship Provider who will mentor you during your experience. 
  • Average number of hours that you will work per week

Special Instructions


  • It is recommended that you start this process at least one month prior to the semester you intend to complete your internship.
  • If your application is approved, you will be notified by email to register for the internship course.   Do not try and register for these credits before you get confirmation that your internship application is approved.  
  • The following page will give you resources for specific internships related to the College of Science.

    College of Science Internships





Device: PC or Mac

Browser: Chrome or Firefox.  Clear your browser history if you experience any issues. 

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