The Internship Course

While there is a certain degree of autonomy within academic departments and Faculty Supervisors to design their internship course according to their style and academic discipline, there are nonetheless some university expectations and resources to assist you in providing a student with a quality internship experience.  Here are some guidelines and resources:

Setting Up Your Internship Course

Course Recommendation

Grading Format

Determining the grading format for your course is dependent on factors such as departmental policy, internship type, and academic rigor. While it is common for Pass/Fail courses to be used for internship courses, students may have a more academic and dedicated approach if the students’ performance is assessed using a traditional grading scale. Internship Services recommends using a traditional grading scale, however, this determination is ultimately up to each department.

Below you will find some useful resources to help you identify what is required in a UVU internship course as well as some optional resources, including templates. Please note that all of the tasks and assignments need to be completed for each semester in which the student is enrolled, with the exception of the internship agreements which are valid for five years.

Prior to the Course

Master Internship Agreement

Agreements are executed by the Internship Services department after a student completes the Application for Academic Credit. 

Course Requirements

Internship Completion Assessment

This UVU required assessment is used by the student to evaluate their internship experience.  This assessment is integrated into your Canvas Course.  

Supervisor Evaluation

This UVU required evaluation  is used by the internship Site Supervisor to evaluate the intern at the end of the semester.  This evaluation is integrated into your Canvas course.


Faculty Supervisors are encouraged to use materials we have created for internship courses through Canvas.  These materials are designed to be used as a companion to any unique assignments of each faculty member's internship course.  On this page you will find essential materials as well as some guides to help you in setting up and operating your canvas course.

5 Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Canvas Internship Course