Purpose of the EID Committee

  • The Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) Committee is tasked with developing, reviewing, and evaluating EID plans and initiatives to create and sustain an inclusive environment, aiming to celebrate and promote understanding and respect for diverse people.
  • To facilitate campus-wide dialogue pertains to the issues of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.
  • To provide a system of accountability for the Inclusion Plan action steps.
  • A place to discuss new EID initiatives, events, and programs and the impact of the EID on campus climate and sense of belonging.


  1. Shared definitions. Facilitate adoption and understanding of campus-wide shared definitions of equity, Inclusion, diversity, cultural competence, and sense of belonging.
  2. Programs. Coordinate needs and opportunities assessments of the EID and culturally competent campus programs. Facilitate the development and evaluation of plans for EID  programs. Create a system of EID knowledge dissemination and data collection within and between colleges and divisions.
  3. Curriculum. Coordinate the needs and opportunities assessment of needs of the EID and cultural competency components of academic programs and classroom experiences.