Post an Ad - Sell Your Contract

Welcome to the UVU Off-Campus Housing Classified System!

Our goal is to provide UVU students with one convenient location where they can find helpful information concerning available housing located within the local Orem/Provo area. Since Utah Valley University does not provide any on-campus housing or dormitory options, we rely on private ownership, in student housing, to post rental advertisements online so that students can search the student housing options our community has to offer.

The UVU Housing Classified System is made of separate third-party organizations that specialize in housing classified systems.  Each classified system has a separate registration so that ads can be placed onto each site.  Posting with each classified system may increase the chances of the housing advertisement being viewed.  Students, property owners, and managers have the option of using all or none of the classified systems provided.  Posting to any or all classified systems is optional and is not required by the university.

If your rental property is located near Utah Valley University and you would like to post an ad, simply log on to each of the following classified systems listed below, register, and post your ad. 

Click on each logo below ribbon

                            KSL Classifieds Logo  Utah Real Estate             Pad Mapper Logo          For Rent Logo                             Zillow Logo   


Students also utilize the Facebook Groups linked below:


DISCLAIMER: Please reference the "Housing Disclaimer" page.

Classified System Rules

  • We expect all housing classified advertisements to be honest in all the information given to UVU students. Inaccurate or misleading information violates trade laws provided in the Utah Code, under Title 13 (Commerce and Trade), Chapter 11a (Truth in Advertising) Section 13-11a-1.
  • Utah Valley University asks that all organizations, properties, landlords, realtors, managers, and individuals associated with student housing follow and support the Utah Fair Housing Act and the standards implied therein: Utah Code, under Title 57 – Chapter 21 (Utah Fair Housing Act).
  • The university does not evaluate nor imply the suitability or safety related to any off-campus housing property, landlord, realtor, or any other person or organization associated with off-campus housing.
  • UVU does not guarantee any organization, property, landlord, realtor, manager, or individual associated with off-campus housing that they will receive a renter or any type of business by posting with any of these classified systems.
  • UVU does not condone or authorize false statements, regarding the university. UVU does not allow certain verbiage to be used in housing classified advertisements: UVU Housing, UVU Off-Campus Housing, UVU Student Housing, UVU Apartments, UVU Rental, UVU House, UVU Approved, UVU Sponsored,UVU Certified or UVU Contracted.
  • We recommend that housing classified advertisements use simple, generic, and (optional) verbiage such as "student housing" as this will not directly reflect any one university, but will cater directly to the student population.
  • Utah Valley University does not control or manage any of the third party classified systems and does not perform in the posting of housing classified advertisements.
  • UVU does not certify, partner, sponsor, approve, or contract with any off-campus housing organization, property, landlord, realtor, manager, or individual.