Completed your FAFSA, now what?


Check Your UVU Gmail Consistently

All of our important correspondences will be sent to your school Gmail. We will notify you when we receive your FAFSA, when you are awarded, if you have outstanding tasks, etc. 


Complete All Financial Aid Requirements

Some students may have additional information that is required for UVU to collect before we can offer you any federal aid.

These requirements can be found here:

  • Log in to myUVU
  • Go to students
  • Paying for my education
  • Under the Financial Aid header, click on Status


Accept your Financial Aid Award

Awarding Federal Student Aid will not begin until late Spring. For example, if you completed your 2020-2021 FAFSA to receive aid beginning Fall 2020, you will typically see your financial aid offer in April 2020. View and accept your awards in myUVU.

  • Go to students
  • Paying for my education
  • Under the financial aid header, click on Status
  • Select the appropriate aid year (drop-down box in the upper right-hand corner)
  • Click on the Award Offer tab


Receiving your Financial Aid 


Your financial aid will automatically apply toward your tuition and fees beginning the first day of classes as long as all outstanding requirements are resolved.

Once your student account is paid, any excess aid will be refunded to you by one of the following methods:

  • Direct Deposit (only if you have enrolled in eRefund within myUVU) 
  • A check through the mail (default method)