Steve Allred

Steve Allred

I have been with the Utah Valley University (UVU) Paramedic Program since the beginning in 1999, and have enjoyed every minute of the interaction with students and staff alike. I began as an adjunct teaching various material, then became the clinical coordinator after accepting a full time position in 2009. My background Fire/EMS began with Orem City as a reserve, then full time in 1988 until my retirement in 2009. I continue to work with Lone Peak Fire District, as a Paramedic, to stay in the game I love so much. I also work at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center as a Paramedic where I have been employed since 1986. I have taught for Salt Lake Community College, and Peace Officer Standards and Training both in EMS related coursework. Additionally I am a contract educator for Vida Care (EZ IO) cadaver lab and have taught across the states. I was also a Peace Officer for both Orem City and Utah Parks and Recreation. I recently (2014) became the director of the Paramedic program at UVU, and I am fortunate to work with instructors who are recognized as being some of the most progressive, and talented individuals in Utah EMS. I have a M.Ed. from Utah State University, a B.S. from UVU in Emergency Services, an A.A.S. in Emergency Care and Rescue from Weber State, and an A.A.S. and A.S. from UVU in related fields of discipline. I have six children and 3 grandchildren to date,and an awesome wife who share my passion for EMS as a Family Practice F-NP.


aaron byington

Aaron Byington

Aaron Byington is a native of Utah and began his public service career in 1994 as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He is currently employed as a Fire Captain / Paramedic for the Layton City Fire Department where he oversees EMS training, certification, and quality improvement. Aaron is a faculty member at Utah Valley University as well as the Davis Applied Technology College in Kaysville, Utah. Aaron's educational experience consists of an A.A.S. in Fire Science from UVU (2003), an A.S. in General Studies from WSU (2007), a B.S. in Public Emergency Services Management from UVU (2009), and a M.A. in Management and Leadership from Webster University (2012).Aaron resides in Syracuse, Utah with his wife and two sons. He can be reached at: abyington@uvu.edu


Corey Cluff

Corey Cluff

I am a 15-year member of the fire service currently working as a Battalion Chief with Pleasant Grove Fire Department. I graduated from UVU’s Paramedic program with class 5, was hired with Sandy City Fire Department shortly before graduation, and then worked with Sandy for 5 years before accepting a position with Pleasant Grove, my current assignment with Pleasant Grove is training, fire investigations, and prevention. After being hired with Pleasant Grove, I then continued on to earn my Bachelor’s in Emergency Management through UVU and am currently preparing for an MPA. My career in the fire service has almost exclusively centered within the special operations divisions within the fire service such as technical rescue, HAZMAT, and tactical medicine. I served on the planning committee for Salt Lake County’s Metro Heavy Rescue program where I was a rescue technician and most recently as a team leader / rescue specialist for the Utah County Special Response Team both of which are USAR teams. I am currently the medical team leader with Utah County Metro SWAT, a certified Special Functions Officer with Pleasant Grove Police and a member of the Special Operations Medical Association in addition to teaching Tactical Combat Casualty Care for UVU. I have volunteered with the Utah County Search and Rescue team for 16 years and consider wilderness rescue and medical one of my true loves. My other loves in life include 5 boys and a wonderful patient wife, snowboarding, mountaineering, scuba diving, shooting, running, backpacking and camping with my family.


Jason N. Cook, BS, CC-P

Jason’s career has spanned over 20 years, including work as a Fire Captain/Paramedic in a suburban EMS system, Emergency Room paramedic, and Flight Paramedic. He is a faculty member at Weber State University, Utah State University, and the University of Utah. Throughout his career he has been heavily involved in EMS education and is a frequent presenter at many state & regional EMS conferences. His educational specialties include pediatric airway management, difficult airway prediction/management, & video laryngoscopy. Jason earned his B.S. in Public Emergency Services Management from Utah Valley University in 2005. He is currently conducting a two-year research project thru the Utah Bureau of EMS and the University of Utah evaluating the success rates/efficacy of Rapid Sequence Intubation utilizing Video Laryngoscopy in ground based EMS programs. Jason can be reached at cptjcook@gmail.com or (801) 856-9017.


  • Captain/Paramedic, EMS Officer, Layton City Fire Department
  • Flight Paramedic, Outreach Education Coordinator, University of Utah, AirMed
  • The Difficulty Airway Course EMS - West Coast Faculty/Presenter


Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson

I graduated from BYU with a Bachelor of Science degree (a long time ago) and have been working in the hospital setting ever since. I have worked in the ER, NICU, labor & delivery and mother/baby units, as well as in administration. I love everything that has an adrenaline rush, but my first love is women’s services. I joined Utah County Search & Rescue in 2005. Most recently I have been responsible for all medical training of the team, serving as Medical Sergeant. I love teaching and seeing the enthusiasm of students to learn. I really enjoy when I get to see students come through the hospital and then again when they come as a “real” paramedic in the field. My expectations from students are simple – be willing to learn and have fun. I know I do.


Ben Kluger

Ben Kluger

My name is Ben Kluger and I have been with the Paramedic program at UVU since 1999. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn with the students and feel strongly that I become a better EMS responder with each class I participate with. I began my EMS career in Southern California, and later graduated from Paramedic School in 1991. I worked in Riverside, CA as a paramedic for several years before coming to Utah in 1996. I have worked for several Fire Departments here in Utah. I have been with my current Department, South Jordan Fire, for 15 years and feel fortunate to work at such a great place with great people. I currently am assigned to the Training Bureau, and enjoy the challenges that come with helping our Department members prepare for their daily activities. I believe you have to keep learning or you just can't meet your potential. I try to take each chance I get to continue my education, and attend classes and conferences in areas I am interested in. I am married with two children, both teenagers. My wife loves her California roots and we take every opportunity to go back and visit, especially during the winter time. My kids love their sports so we attend several lacrosse games for my daughter, and even more soccer games for my son. My hobbies basically include keeping up with my family and career responsibilities. As long as I get to keep learning and be around great people I find my life very fulfilled.


beckman photo

Roger Beckman

I started my career in Fire and EMS in 1997 and currently work as a Firefighter Paramedic for Unified Fire Authority. I graduated from UVU's paramedic program class 2 in 2001 and was hired by South Salt Lake Fire Department. I worked there until 2007 when I went to work for Unified Fire Authority. My current position is as a Firefighter Paramedic on one of our Heavy Rescue Units. During these years apart from working in the pre-hospital settings I have worked in multiple hospital and post-hospital care settings that have given me a well-rounded view of patient care in general. I graduated with both my Associates and Bachelors from UVU and I am currently working on Masters in Crises and Emergency Management from UNLV that I will be completing in 2015.
I have been working here at UVU as an educator since 2005. I have worked within the EMT-B, Advanced EMT, Paramedic, and Fire Science Programs. I take pride in my students and take an ownership in their education and performance. Come prepared to learn, have fun, and be involved so we can have some good discussions. My responsibility is to come prepared, and yours is to ask questions and be involved.


howard photo

Rick Howard

I was born in Southern California and lived there until I was about 12. My parents moved us to Hawaii, where we lived until I was about 16. After my father passed away in Hawaii, my mom moved to Utah. I got into the EMS/fire service, as a volunteer, in 1984 as an E.M.T./firefighter for Lehi. In 1987 I began working in an emergency room as an E.R. technician while in nursing school. After graduation from nursing school I worked in all levels of emergency departments. My love is in emergency medicine with emphasis in trauma. I have worked for about 17 years in a level one-trauma center as a charge nurse, and continue to work part time at American Fork hospital in the emergency room. I am adjunct faculty in the paramedic program at Utah Valley University and teach all the trauma lectures. I received my Associates Degree in Nursing and Bachelor's Degree in Public Management from Utah Valley University.
About 14 years ago I was employed by Sandy City Fire Department as their medical officer. I was promoted to the level of Captain and the department training officer and I was responsible for all of the continuing education for medical and fire training for Sandy Fire.
In 2009 I was hired by Lehi City Fire Department, full time, as the operations Battalion Chief. Lehi is situated in the north end of Utah County and we serve about 51,000 residents. Lehi City Fire Department currently employs about 75 Paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, and administration. We were the first agency in our county to have a STEMI program that allowed us to bypass the local hospital and transport to a STEMI receiving hospital.
I am currently married to a wonderful, patient, and saint of a woman. Susan, my wife, has taught third grade for 30 years, which explains why I get along so well with her. We have four children, three sons and one daughter, my princess. Did I mention that I am a huge Parrothead, long live Jimmy Buffett.


  • Registered Nurse, Trauma certified
  • TNCC-certified
  • Firefighter II certified
  • ADO-pumper certified
  • HazMat Op's certified
  • EMT-Advanced
  • EMT Instructor/course coordinator/training officer
  • Fire Service Instructor
  • PHTLS Instructor
  • ACLS Regional Faculty
  • PALS Regional Faculty
  • BLS Regional Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty, Utah Valley University

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