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Thank you for your interest in the UVU Paramedic Program. As our mission statement reflects, we are committed to providing our students with excellence in paramedic education. As the field of Emergency Medical Services and healthcare has rapidly evolved, so has the level of education. Paramedics are true healthcare professionals; often working in settings such as primary healthcare, industry, and occupational medicine, in addition to their familiar emergency prehospital settings. The UVU nationally accredited 2-semester paramedic program is academically challenging and thus requires several pre-requisites. Our Paramedic Certification and Bachelor of Science degree will afford our graduates a wide range of employment opportunities, upon completion of the program. We invite you to learn more about our exciting field!


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The paramedic profession is a prestigious and fulfilling career choice. The paramedic scope of practice provides for some of the most advanced diagnostic and treatment skills in the pre-hospital environment. Learn more about the experiences and careers of real paramedics who have graduated from our program. Learn More

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