Pre-Engineering Advising

Change Your Major To Pre-Engineering

  1. Schedule a ONE-HOUR appointment with your Pre-Engineering Advisor.
  2. Do your research BEFORE the appointment and come prepared to let the advisor know which type of engineering you plan on going into (i.e. Mechanical, Civil, Biological, BioMedical, Chemical, BioChemical, Environmental, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Electrical, Computer, Nuclear, etc.) – See below.
  3. You should also be prepared to let the advisor know which engineering school to which you plan to transfer after completion of the Associate of Science (AS) in Pre-Engineering or completion of the Associate of Pre-Engineering (APE) or both. The three major schools in Utah with engineering programs are Brigham Young University (BYU), University of Utah (UofU), and Utah State University (USU). If you plan to attend an engineering school outside of Utah, please be prepared to give the advisor a web link to that school's engineering program. It would be preferable if you could email this link to the advisor before the appointment: or


Research Different Types of Engineering

To assist you in deciding the type of engineering you would like to pursue, I would recommend the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook. On this site you can look up careers by their titles, "Mechanical Engineer" for example. Then it will provide a report with the following tabs of information: SummaryWhat They DoWork EnvironmentHow to Become OnePayJob OutlookSimilar Occupations, and More Information. If you would like a more regional report (within the state of Utah) on the career's job outlook and wage information, go to the Utah Department of Workforce Services' website: Once it pulls up, hover over the Labor Market option in the top menu, and it will display a sub-menu. From that sub-menu select Utah Economic Data. This brings up the Utah Economic Data Viewer (UEDV). On that screen, select Occupational Explorer. On that screen I like to scroll down to Option 3 - Select Occupations By Groups. Under this section you can click on the plus symbol and it will expand that group. Select to expand the Engineers and engineering technicians occupations job group and then select the specific type of engineering on which you'd like to get information. Then you will need to make sure the Full Report option is selected and click on the Continue button. This report will give a job outlook and national, statewide, and regional wage data for that specific career.


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