What is engaged learning for faculty?

UVU faculty contribute to the institution's culture of engaged learning in a diverse range of scholarly areas. In academic disciplines ranging from business to botany to behavioral science, UVU faculty incorporate the principles of collaborative, context-rich teaching into the curriculum. Engaged learning manifests itself differently depending on the subject matter, but in every case its inclusion in the coursework creates a powerfully rich learning experience for our students.

This Web page contains information and resources to help you learn more about how faculty in any scholarly area can bring engaged learning into their teaching practice.

Resources for faculty

Apply to be a Presidential Faculty Fellow.

Watch short videos of how faculty are participating in engaged learning.

Participate in workshops on the new methods in engaged teaching.

Apply for funding for your engaged learning project through Grants for Engaged Learning.

Incorporate service learning into your courses through the Volunteer & Service-Learning Center.

Apply for travel funds for scholarship and teaching.

Find a more complete list of faculty resources for engaged learning in the Office of Engaged Learning.