Project Armenia

People living outside the capital of Yerevan, Armenia, are in desperate need of sustainable income. Difficult living conditions and limited support make it nearly impossible for these Armenians to rise above poverty. Our team is discussing, analyzing, and planning potential micro-finance and franchise models to implement in these areas; a collaboration of team members, business experts, and native Armenians will provide the necessary business and social structures. Our goal is to be the support that will enable these Armenians to become independent and rise to their full potential.

Sewing S.O.L. (Sustainable Opportunities for Learning)

A Brazilian community in Mato Grosso do Sul relies heavily on a subsistence economy, severely impacted by Covid-19. Our team is developing a training course that will teach the local women business principles and the craft of sewing. The program graduates will implement their learned entrepreneurial skills into a business model that is validated by experts for its viability. They will also join a micro-financing program that will provide them with a sewing machine and a firm foundation for their new businesses. With implementation beginning in the winter of 2021 (Covid-19 permitting), this project will assist in fulfilling multiple United Nations sustainability goals, including ending poverty, promoting decent work and economic growth, and creating sustainable cities and communities. This project is a Region Winner of the Enactus United States Early Stage Competition and will be competing in the Enactus World Cup in October.

Project Ghana

Beginning as an expansion of Solar Charge, this project sought to bring solar-charged kiosks to Ghana. However, as we evaluated the situation in the targeted larger cities of Ghana, we determined that our model needed to change. At this point, our team is researching various opportunities to bring people out of poverty through a business model focused on increasing the availability of phone minutes.

Project Provo

Our team is seeking a partnership with Utah Valley Refugees, an organization that aids local refugees in becoming self-reliant. A collaboration between UVU Enactus and Utah Valley Refugees will enable their team to improve impact measurement and reporting capabilities. Currently, in the initiation process, this project has a great potential to benefit not only worldwide refugees, but also our local community, and we have high aspirations for the project’s influence.



Semillas de Esperanza (Seeds of Hope):

Rio Dulce, Guatemala suffers greatly from poverty and poor child development caused by an inability to feed the youth of the country. Our team is seeking to implement educational workshops in this area that will help families establish business practices and learn valuable skills. Teaching and implementing the skills taught will encourage further education and development for the Guatemalan people. 

Solar Charge:

Due to high unemployment and unreliable access to electricity, Congolese entrepreneurs have created phone-charging businesses. Though a step forward for the country, these charging stands are powered by gas generators, which are loud, polluting, and difficult to transport. Our team has introduced solar-charged kiosks to these Congolese communities, providing both reliable energy to customers and stable income to Congolese entrepreneurs and their families.

Utah Lake:

Posing significant health risks to humans, livestock, and irrigation systems, algae blooms affect numerous water sources across the country, from Lake Erie and the Florida coast to our very own Utah Lake. These risks have a major negative impact on economies and communities. Our team is exploring sustainable solutions to this problem, hoping to effect change in not only our local water sources, but also lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water around the world.

Run On

Founded by UVU Enactus Alum Mack Bawden, Run On connects athletes in wheelchairs with the runners who push them in an effort to overcome isolation and build lasting friendships. Not only does this project foster personal relationships, but also community betterment. Our team is partnering with engineering students at Utah Valley University to design improved wheelchairs and create further impact.


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