Intro to Digital Signage

Welcome To Digital Signage at UVU

Digital Signage delivers posters, videos, and news feeds to digital displays all across campus.  Advertising on these displays is free for departments and student organizations.  Commercial Advertising is not allowed.

Types of Signage:

Landscape Signage
Horizontal Billboard

Posters and Videos 15 seconds or less that can be understood without audio can be posted here. Be aware that videos will not show up in the online gallery.

28 Campus Locations
8 Department Content Only Locations

Vertical Signage

Portrait Billboard

This is the standard billboard style of digital signage on campus.  Posters and specially formatted videos less than 30 seconds can be posted here.  Special software and expertise will be needed to format videos for these displays.  Be aware that videos will not show up in the online gallery.

56 Campus Locations
2 Department Content Only Location

Banner Signage
This is the latest and greatest form of digital signage on campus.  The majority of advertising comes from Student Life, but slots are open for all other campus advertising as well.  Templates should be used to ensure correct design.

4 Campus Locations

Interactive Signage

Upon special request interactive interfaces can be designed that combine typical signage with information and navigation.

1 Location in the Ballroom Atrium


Video Wall

Video Wall

With special funding and special approval video walls can also be constructed to create one large nearly-seamless image.

1 Location in the Science Building Atrium

1 Location in the Woodbury School of Business

Getting started is easy!

1.  Read the Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for digital signage have been created to ensure that content is appropriate for display and will fit the constraints of the displays themselves.  There are different types of displays that you can advertise on depending on your ad.  Pay special attention to make sure that your ad is the correct resolution and that you send it in the correct format.  Templates are provided on the content guidelines page.

2.  Check Out the Tutorials

Tutorials have been provided to assist you in content creation.  Whether you consider yourself a newbie or not these tutorials will help you make your ad all it can be.

3.  Email your content to

Please include the dates that you would like your item to display and any other pertinent information.  An item can run for up to 2 weeks.

4.  Visit the Gallery

Once your item has been posted it will show in the online gallery.  You can also visit the gallery to see what events are happening on campus.

Visit the Gallery