Campus Meal Plan

Benefits of a Meal Plan


  • Enjoy a variety of snacks and full meals without cooking or cleaning.
  • Dine in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere close to classes.
  • Avoid losing time and your parking space by going off campus for meals.
  • Save 5% - 10% on every purchase from participating locations on UVU campus.
  • Receive special offers from Sorensen Student Center Restaurants.
  • Avoid ATM transaction costs.

Our Meal Plan offers great benefits for students, faculty, and staff!

Meal Plan Options

GREEN PLAN: 5% Discount

  1. Save 5% on EVERY food and beverage purchase, EVERY time you use your account on main campus.
  2. Open an account with $25minimum (FLEX or FOOD ONLY accounts). Maximum deposit is $1300.00.
  3. Once you have opened a Green account, you can increase it at any time for any amount (at Campus Connection or online).
  4. Use at most retail locations on the main campus.
  5. Balance may be carried from semester to semester as long as the student is enrolled. Faculty/Staff balances will be carried as long as the individual remains employed at UVU. The college reserves the right to deactivate an account not used during a 120 day period. Reactivation will require a visit to UVU Campus Connection.

GOLD PLAN: 10% Discount

  1. Save 10% on EVERY food and beverage purchase, EVERY time you use your account on campus.
  2. Pay $300.00per semester (pay in monthly, per semester, or yearly installments). Must be in the FOOD ONLY account.
  3. Payments may be charged automatically to major credit cards.
  4. Use at most on-campus dining locations.
  5. Balance carries over from semester to semester (must begin each semester with $300.00).