UVU Catering Policies

Some things to keep in mind:
  • UVU's Sorensen Student Center is a smoke-free facility and alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all premises.

  • Catering services are available anywhere on UVU's main campus.
  • UVU Dining Services is the sole broker for ALL food and beverage served on campus.

    All food or beverages in the Student Center must be ordered from the UVU Dining Services Office, SC201. Contact Catering Services at 863-6940 at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

    No outside food may be brought into the Sorensen Student Center. If food or beverages are brought into the Student Center, there will be a fine of $50.00 or $1.00 per person, whichever amount is greater and future reservations may be cancelled or denied. If you would like to request food to be catered from off campus, would like to use a food truck, or would like to bring in your own food to be served there are other requirements you must meet and steps to take to be granted permission and avoid being fined. More information on these policies here.
Menu Selection
Please remember to submit your menu selection by 10-14 Days before your event (the earlier the better). Selecting only one menu item for your entire group will  help to serve your event quicker, but you may select a second entree for an additional cost. (Additional items will incur a $1.99 per person service charge). We ask that when there are two choices to be served you provide place cards indicating entree selection, remember only the confirmed number of entrees will be prepared. Due to Board of Health restrictions and department policy, NO outside food or beverages are permitted and no extra food meals will be allowed to be taken home.
Buffets vs. Banquets
Most of our meal options can be served as buffets or banquets unless specified within our menu. This option is made available to you to better fit the needs of your guests and the type of event you wish to have held here at UVU. There is no price difference between the two options, however there is a minimum of 20 people for buffets. Buffets can be upgraded to a Grande Buffet for an additional fee. 
Final Count
To allow our staff time to make full preparations, it is very important that you notify the catering office of the exact number of guests by 4 pm, three working days prior to the date of the event. Changes, additions, or orders placed less than 72 hours in advance will be subject to a $25.00 additional service charge. Please note you will be charged for the number of guests specified, even if the actual amount is lower. In the event additional guests arrive, it may be necessary to substitute menu items, which may result in service delays. 
Deposit (Room Reservation)
For our off campus guests (those not using a campus cost-code), you will need to submit a non-refundable deposit amounting to 50% of the total billing with in 10 days of receiving your contract, which will be applied toward your final billing.
Payment (Catering Services)
For wedding receptions/dinners or any other off campus group, we require a 90% deposit of total amount be made 5 working days prior to your reception or dinner date. All remaining balances will be billed to the given address within 2 weeks AFTER the event. Full payment is due 10 days after the billing has been received unless billing arrangements have been made. Also please note that the prices quoted are subject to current Utah County, Orem City, & Utah State Food Sales Tax, and a 18% Service Charge, which covers cost including set-up, teardown, stewarding, server wages, linens, dishes, and other items.
Room Rental and Charges
Please Contact the Student Center Office for Pricing information.
UVU Catering normally provides fresh cut flowers as centerpieces which are to remain property of UVU; we will use what is available to us that week. If you have a specific request for type of flower we can make arrangements for you, at an additional charge, we also have other centerpieces available if you require something other than flowers.
Room Decor
You will be able to work with our room set-up staff in order to arrange the room to fit your needs, if it is required. No items may be attached to the walls, doors or windows, without prior approval. Due to fire codes no entryways or exits may be blocked for any reason.
Wedding Cakes
We will make exception to the no outside food policy, in order to allow you to bring in your own wedding cake or birthday cake. There will be a service charge of .50 per person if you wish our catering staff to cut and serve your cake or to provide plates and flatware for your service.
UVU Catering can provide a parking code to you (the event hosts) for the parking structure on campus. This service covers 2 hours of parking for each guest that uses the code when parking. After the event a combined Total for all who used the parking code will be billed to you. We recommend you and your guests take a look at UVU's Visitor Parking information for all of your guest parking questions.
Taking Food Off Premises
Unless  specifically ordered and contracted as carry-out items, no food or related products may be removed from the service area, except by authorized representatives of University Catering.  University Catering cannot provide containers for packaging leftover food.

In the case of Buffet displays, in order to maintain a good appearance, additional food may be displayed which is over and above the guaranteed guest count and is NOT to be taken out under any circumstance.
ALL PRINTED PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, however UVU Catering will honor all prices quoted at the time the event is confirmed.