2nd Annual T&C Women’s Open House a big success

Sept. 6, 2013

For the second year in a row, Career and Technical Education partnered with the College of Technology and Computing, as well as the Women’s Success Center, in hosting the Women’s Open House. This year had nearly twice as many participants as the year before and according to event coordinators, was a huge success.

The open house was open to everyone, however coordinators targeted women, both students and non-students, who were interested in learning more about the programs the College of Technology and Computing has to offer. Many programs in the college have low numbers of female students and the departments want to help remedy that. 

CTE Assistant Director Kim Chiu, who helped plan the event, said it was an opportunity for women to network and interact with other students who may be in other technical programs, as well as talk to faculty members about any questions they might have. One of CTE’s main strategies is to encourage women to explore non-traditional careers in current and emerging professions, which will lead to high-skill, high-wage jobs and self-sufficiency. 

“The Women’s Success Center loved being part of the event,” said Anne Wairepo, director of the WSC. “We are huge STEM supporters and feel like we made some important connections with women that day who have self-selected as forward-moving students interested in T&C.” 

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