Degree Concentrations


  • Speech Communication: Speech Communication is the study of how we communicate face-to-face in a variety of situations. Students in this field are interested in the dynamics of conversations, the common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how to make the most out of human interaction. Speech Communication practitioners feel confident in interpersonal exchanges, public speaking, small-group discussion, and specialized fields like argumentation and/or mediation and negotiation. Every industry needs people that can communicate effectively. Graduates often find use for their skills in professions like sales, corporate training and development, human resources, and various social services. Many students choose Speech Communication as a bachelor's degree program that will prepare them for law school. For their upper division elective coursework, Speech Communication students are encouraged to take classes in Business Management and/or Behavioral Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.).

  • Public Relations: Students seeking a degree in public relations from Utah Valley University will find themselves in a rigorous study of the ins and outs of public relations. The public relations emphasis provides students with dynamic in-class instruction as well as multiple options for real-world experience. Public Relations students learn the vital role that they can play in a vast array of professions, and learn the skills to do so by taking courses such as Public Relations Writing, and Case Studies in Public Relations. Public Relations students also have many opportunities for student involvement. Students who are pursuing a career in Public Relations it is recommended that they take upper division (3000+) Business Management courses to prepare them for the corporate environment.

  • Journalism: Students choosing a Communication degree with an emphasis in Journalism will have the opportunity to work with award-winning faculty and gain substantial amounts of hands-on experience. The program encourages students to get involved with The UVU Review, the student-produced campus news organization. The Review is an excellent way to build skills in print, broadcast, and web journalism.  Course options for Journalism students range from introductory writing and reporting classes to advanced magazine writing, news editing, broadcast news, and long format video journalism. Students interested in a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism should look at degree requirements and start planning for future semesters. Journalism students are encouraged to look into elective credits in the Digital Media Department, as a way to broaden their skills in modern storytelling.

In addition to offering a bachelor's degree in one of the three emphases above, the Department of Communication also offers a minor in Communication after students complete 21 total credit hours within the department. 

Total Program Credits: 21

Discipline Core Requirements: 21 Credits 
  COMM 1020 Public Speaking 3 credits
Choose two of the following: 6 total credits
  COMM 1000 Exploring the Communication Major (3.0)  
  COMM 1050 Introduction to Speech Communication (3.0)  
  COMM 1130 Writing for the Mass Media (3.0)  
  COMM 1500 Introduction to Mass Communication (3.0)  
  COMM 2300 Public Relations  (3.0)  
Complete twelve credits from the following: 12 total credits
  COMM 3000 Media Ethics (3.0)  
  COMM 3050 Theories of Communication and Culture (3.0)  
  COMM 3100 Propaganda and Persuasion (3.0)  
  COMM 319G Intercultural Communication Encounters (3.0)  
  COMM 3420 Communication and Conflict (3.0)  
  COMM 350R Special Topics in Communication (3.0)  
  COMM 3700 Free Expression in a Democratic Society (3.0)  
  COMM 481R Internship (May be repeated for 3.0 credits) (1.0)  
  Any other advisor approved courses.    

Graduation Requirements for a Minor in Communication:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 21 or more semester credits.
  2. Overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) or above (departments may require a higher GPA).
  3. Complete all communication classes with a C- or bette