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2020-2021 UTA Transit Pass

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UVU UTA Transit Pass 

As of August 1st, 2018, the UVID (for UVU students and employees) can be activated for the UTA Transit System for free! Students must be registered for at least one credit class for the current semester, Faculty must be currently teaching a class, and Staff must be currently working for UVU and their UVU ID Card will activate as free transit passes automatically the day after the previous semester finals are concluded. 


  • UVU students, as well as current faculty and staff, are eligible to receive free UTA passes with their UVU ID Card.
  • Students must be registered for a minimum of 1 credit hour for the current semester to be eligible for the free pass.
  • If classes are dropped, the UTA pass will be deactivated.


  • Automatic activation for UVU student ID cards begin on January 4th for Spring 2021 semester and will stop working the day after the end of the semester if you are not registered for classes for the next term.
  • Passes allow the use of all UTA buses, TRAX, FrontRunner and the new Utah Valley Express (UVX) line in Orem and Provo.
  • Students, Faculty, or Staff with a OneCard/UVU PlusCard that does not have door access will need to bring it to Campus Connection for UTA activation. It will take approximately 48 hours before it will work on the UTA System.


  • Passes do not get the rider onto the UTA Ski Bus, Paratransit, or PC-SLC Connect. Patrons must pay for those particular rides separately.
  • The pass is for the cardholder only and cannot be used by another person.
  • If a replacement is needed for lost or stolen cards, the patron must purchase a new UVID for $15.

Have you tried the Utah Valley Express?

Get On Board - UVU, UTA, UVX, BYU

The Utah Valley Express is a public transportation service in Orem and Provo free for UVU staff and students with a UVID (see this entire page for requirements). Its route connects the Orem and Provo FrontRunner stations with 18 stops in between.

The UVX’s schedule aligns with FrontRunner trains, with services running Monday - Saturday. UVX buses arrive every six minutes during peak times, and every 10-15 minutes during off-peak times.*

For half its route, the UVX has its own lane, allowing buses to move through traffic in some of the most congested areas in the valley. Ride it to commute to campus, travel to malls and shopping centers, or shuttle to big events without the hassle of parking.

The new UVX buses are hybrid-electric vehicles. With a capacity of 13,000 riders a day, the full UVX fleet can replace thousands of personal car trips. By choosing to ride rather than drive, riders help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, as well as lessening traffic congestion and delays.

*Wait times increase during early-morning and late-evening operations.


Route 830X

Dependents and spouses of UVU students and current employees are eligible to receive free UTA passes. Children between the ages of 6-24 who live with the student or employee qualify as dependents. Children 5 and under ride free with a fare-paying adult.

Dependents must be registered online prior to receiving their ID.

Dependents must be accompanied by the related student or employee to get their ID processed at Campus Connection.


Dependent Registration Form

How to ride the UVX  Image showing the mobile app for UTA.


Start by planning your trip at Select your start and end points to receive your personal itinerary. You can also find schedules, operating hours, maps, stations, and track your bus or train.

Tap on, tap off.

To ride, tap your UVU ID card against the card reader at the station. After the green light flashes, you're clear to board. Remember to tap your ID against the card reader at your destination to tap off.


Enter and exit the bus through the second or third set of doors. Riders do not need to request stops with the pull cord. The UVX stops at each station every time.


Riders on the Utah Valley Express may stand with their bikes on the accordion section of the bus. Bikes may also be hooked on vertical racks on the bus. Please walk bicycles while on platforms.


All UVX buses are level with station platforms for wheelchair accessibility and provide means for patrons to secure wheelchairs.

Deaf and hard of hearing

Telephone communication for deaf or hard-of-hearing riders is available by dialing 711.

UVU Transit Pass issues

If you are having problems with UTA access, please fill out our Transit Pass Issues form.

Transit Pass Issues

By providing your UVID number, route number, direction of travel, date and time of travel, along with the bus serial number and the operator name (if possible) enables us to help UTA and UVU resolve any issues with passes.

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