Utah Valley University Door-Access Card Issuing Procedures

Door Access Activation:

If the department is purchasing an ID Card for the employee, click on ID Card Request Form (pdf) to download the fillable PDF version of the form or the form is available at Campus Connection. Present your completedID Card Request Form (pdf) to Campus Connection to have a new UVU OneCard/UVU PlusCard made and programmed.
** Departments must send the completed ID Card Request Form (pdf) with the Faculty/Staff member if the department is paying for the card or the employee is not yet in the system.  
** If the employee already has a UVU ID card, then the employee should already have an ID, the employee need only present their card to Campus Connection for programming.

Once your card is programmed, the following process must be completed in order to activate the card for access to specific doors:

  • Inside Door Access: To activate your UVU OneCard/UVU PlusCard for access to an inside door, email the information listed below to your Department Chair/Director/VP.
    • The Department Chair/Director/VP will then forward the email to Melisa Zobell at zobellme@uvu.edu authorizing or denying access.
  • Outside Door Access: To activate access for an outside door, the Department Chair/Director/VP will email the information listed below to Val Peterson, Vice President of Administration and External Affairs. Val Peterson will then forward the email to Melisa Zobell at zobellme@uvu.edu authorizing or denying access.


Information Needed for Activation of Proximity OneCards:

  1. Full Name
  2. Title
  3. Department you work in
  4. Telephone extension
  5. UV ID #
  6. Room #(s) that you are requesting access to, if applicable
  7. Building(s) that you are requesting outside door access, if applicable
  8. Reason for need to access outside door.

For additional information, contact the Facilities Office at extension 801-863-8130

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