Student Research

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Students in the Behavioral Science Department have opportunities to engage in original research, either individually or in collaboration with faculty.

Students have presented research at conferences such as the American Psychological Society, the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, the Pacific Sociological Association, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. There are also a number of journals published by departments and offices across campus that students can pursue publishing in. These experiences add a valuable component to undergraduate education.

Students have the opportunity of receiving at least up to 6 credits toward their degree for research work. If you are interested in doing this you need to find a full-time faculty member to work with on research, either having you help them with their current research or having the faculty member mentor you on a project of your choosing. The Independent Study Contract needs to be completed and have all the appropriate signatures of approval to have the course set up. The paperwork is due to your academic advisor at least four weeks before the beginning of the semester you want to enroll in an independent study course. Your advisor will provide you with the contract required and notify you when you can register for the course. Please contact your advisor directly for more information.

Student Research Group

S.C.U.L.P.T. - Scholarly & Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team