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Tuition & Fees

Tuition costs will vary depending on the student's status. Utah residents and all students currently living within the state of Utah and/or utilizing UVU for flight training and/or on-campus courses must refer to current tuition tables for tuition rates. These rates will vary depending on residency status.

Non-resident students living outside the state of Utah, or those living in Utah but not using UVU facilities can refer to the table below to determine tuition costs.

Please note that tuition costs are subject to change. (2014-15 rates increased 10%, 2015-16 rates increased 6%, 2016-17 rates increased 10%, 2017-18 rates increased 6%)


Online Aviation Courses (Summer 2017-Spring 2018)
Credits Tuition Rate
1 $296.00 
Online General Education Courses (UVU Distance Ed)
$183 per credit


All students register for their online or traditional courses using the myUVU system. Non-residents of Utah, who plan on taking online courses only, please contact the Aviation Student Support Center at the number below for specific instructions. It is crucial that you follow certain steps in myUVU in order to be charged the correct tuition rate. If you have any questions about how to register please contact the Aviation Student Support Center.

Returning students who have not registered for UVU courses for 7 consecutive semesters or more must fill out a new application for admission before registering. No application fee will be charged.

Flight Costs

Students flying at the UVU facility pay for their flight costs via course fees. In addition to the regular tuition rate, students pay a course fee  which has been estimated to cover costs associated with the actual flight training for a specific pilot certificate or rating. Items covered by the course fee include aircraft rental, fuel costs, flight instruction, ground instruction, and FAA examiner/practical exam fees. Students who have completed flight training hours at another institution should speak with an aviation advisor for more information.

Please note that flight course fees are subject to change and apply solely to students flying at the UVU facility.

Flight Course Fees - Fall 2017

Students in the online program can select a flight school in their local area that best meets their needs. However, flight training costs are not included in the online degree tuition and therefore are not covered by UVU financial aid or VA Benefits. The UVU Financial Aid office, in addition to the student's flight school can provide guidance on other sources of funding.

Financial Aid

Students can qualify for federal financial aid to help supplement the cost of education. The UVU Financial Aid Office is available to assist students at 1-877-336-8872 or (801)863-8442. They can also be reached by email at . We strongly recommend that you begin the financial aid application process as early as possible, in order to allow the necessary processing time. To apply for financial aid, visit the UVU Financial Aid webpage.

Aviation Academic Advisement

For specific tuition information and any other questions please call the Aviation Student Support Center or contact your assigned advisor.

Local Advisors:  Dianna Bunker (A-K) or Marilyn Riddle (L-Z)

Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm MST

Out of State Student Support Center:

Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm MST

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