UCC - University Curriculum Committee

The UVU Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. It serves the UVU community by guiding and coordinating proposals and by recommending final action on curriculum proposals to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The committee is chaired by a faculty senator and advised by the Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs. Voting members include faculty from each school or college.


2017 - 2018 Committee Members
    Curriculum Committee Chair   Sean Tolman
AR    School of the Arts   Chris Witt
BU    Woodbury School of Business   Stan Jenne
ED    School of Education   Krista Ruggles
HP    College of Health & Public Services   Bobbi Kassel
HS    College of Humanities & Social Sciences   Lorraine Wallace
SC    College of Science   Hilary Hungerford
TC    College of Technology & Computing   David Dunlop
UC    University College   Evelyn Porter
Committee Support
    Academic Affairs   David Connelly, AVP
    Student Affairs   Eric Humphrey, Sr Registrar
    Curriculum & Catalog   Chris Alldredge, Asst Registrar
    Curriculum   Debbie Ferguson, Coordinator