Accessibility Services provides communication access for students and visitors at UVU. This includes UVU events, classes (both credit and non-credit), meetings with UVU staff such as counselors, advisors, etc. Please contact us at for more information. 

Step 1: Complete the online Application Form

Complete the online Application Form

This brief online application form allows students to provide information about their a disability, how it impacts their education, and any history of previous accommodations.

Documentation of disability may be submitted as part of application process (see Step 2). Once the online Application Form and documentation are submitted, the final step is scheduling an Initial Meeting with a counselor (see Step 3).


Step 2: Submit Documentation

Submit documentation such as an audiogram from a licensed professional (i.e. a medical doctor or audiologist). If you have other disabilities, additional documentation may be needed. Documentation may be uploaded with the online application, faxed to 801-863-8377, submitted at the time of appointment, or emailed to

Step 3: Schedule an Initial Appointment

Once registered with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), a student may schedule an Initial Meeting with a counselor by logging into Clockwork using their student ID number and password. 

Communication Access Services

  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting
  • Cued Language Transliteration
  • Signed Exact English transliteration (SEE)
  • Speech-to-Text Services (TypeWell): This is live captioning in the classroom. A device sits on your desk while you read in real time what is being said. Some of our students read everything from the device, while others only glance down when they miss something.
  • Assisted Listening Devices or FM Systems: The professor wears a microphone that transmits to an earpiece in your year. This enables you to hear the professor more clearly.
  • Peer Note-Taking: Notes will be provided to you by another student who is in the same class.

Counselor helping a student complete paperwork

FAQs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

What type of documentation do I need to submit?

Documentation can be an audiogram or a letter from a licensed professional such as an audiologist. An IEP/Evaluation Summary may also be submitted. 

When is the deadline for requesting services for classes?

Please request interpreters or transcribers as early as possible, preferably two weeks before the start of the semester.

What should I do on the first day of class?

Introduce yourself to your service providers and the professor.

How do I receive my accommodation letters?

Once you have been approved for services, log into the Clockwork Student Portal and click the "Request Accommodations" icon to request accommodation letters each semester. 

If I have a problem with my services or if I have any questions, who should I contact?

Contact your Accessibility Counselor or contact our office at


What do I do if I’m going to miss class?

Text 385-208-2677 as soon possible to let us know. 

If I plan to be late to my class, what time should I contact the OAS office?

Text 385-208-2677 as soon as possible to let us know. 

What if I go to class and see a paper on the door that says "Class Canceled"?

Text 385-208-2677 as soon as possible to let us know. 

If I’m receiving TypeWell services, when will I get the TypeWell transcript?

Within 24 hours after the class ends.

Where can I find other information about Accessibility Services –Deaf and Hard of Hearing policies and procedures?

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Handbook