How to Calculate a GPA

1. Calculate GPA Using Wolverine Track

2. Calculate GPA Manually

GPA Calculator Using Wolverine Track

The easiest way to calculate your GPA is to use Wolverine Track. You can use the Wolverine Track GPA Calculator to determine your semester GPA, cumulative GPA including current semester grades, and what grades you need to reach a certain GPA.

Logging into Wolverine Track:
To log into Wolverine Track, first log into myUVU using this link.
Click "Launch Wolverine Track."

GPA Calculator:
When you enter Wolverine Track, it will automatically bring up your degree audit.  To get to GPA Calculator, click on the "GPA Calc Tab" on the left hand side of the page.

There are three different kinds of GPA Calculators:

1. Term Calculator (Figure out term and cumulative GPA)

2. Graduation Calculator (Figure out how to get a certain GPA by graduation)

3. Advice Calculator (Figure out what grades you need to get a specific GPA)

1. Term Calculator
The term calculator is the most useful GPA calculator tool because it allows you to calculate in retakes (when you repeat a class).
NO Retakes:
If you are not taking any retakes this semester and want to determine cumulative GPA:
1. Choose Term Calculator.
2. The calculator will automatically pull up your semester schedule.
3. Put in a grade estimate for each class.
4. Press Calculate and the calculator will bring up your cumulative GPA including those Grades.

If you are not taking any retakes this semester and want to determine semester GPA:
1. Choose "Term Calculator."
2. The calculator will automatically pull up your semester schedule.
3. Enter 0 for Current GPA and 0 for Credits earned so far, this way it will calculate only the semester GPA, not the cumulative GPA.
4. Put in a grade estimate for each class.
5. Press calculate and it will bring up your semester GPA.

With Retakes:
Determining a GPA with retakes has a more extensive process. You can always meet with your advisor for assistance.

1. Print out a copy of your unofficial transcript. This makes it easier because you have a list of all the classes.

2. Go through the list and cross out any "W", "I", or "M" grades. These do not count toward your GPA.

3. Next go through and cross out any courses that you have retaken. These will be shown on your transcript by an "E" on the far right of the course information. The "E" means that the grade has been excluded from your GPA. When you look ahead you should notice that the course retake has an "I" off to the side for "Included" in GPA.

4. If you are trying to calculate your GPA to include a course that you are currently retaking, cross out that grade since you will be including the new grade.

5. Go through your transcript and number the grades that are not crossed out. This way you can make sure you include every grade.

6. Pull up Term Calculator.

7. First fill out the grade estimates for the courses that you are currently enrolled in. Make sure as you fill it out that if you are retaking a course, you have marked it out on your transcript.

8. Now fill in the rest of the GPA calculator with the grades that you have numbered. Include every grade that will be included in your cumulative GPA.

9. Press calculate to see your new cumulative GPA.

If you have any questions, please visit your advisor or the Academic Standards office.

2. Advice Calculator
The advice calculator can help you determine what grades you need to get in order to have a specific GPA. Let's say you need a 3.0 to get into a degree program. The calculator will automatically put in your current GPA and credits. You simply enter in the desired GPA, 3.0, and press calculate. It tells you how many credits you need and what grade. So you may need to get 12 credits with an A average or 17 credits with a B average. This function is helpful but it does NOT calculate in retakes.

3. Graduation Calculator
You can use this calculator to determine what grades you need to get in order to graduate with a certain GPA. To learn more about this calculator meet with your major advisor to determine how many credits you still need in your degree plan.

Instructions for Manually Calculating GPA

There are three components to figuring a GPA:
1. The grade points assigned to a specific grade:

2. The hours/credits for a specific class.
3. The total grade points that result by multiplying hours by points assigned to a grade.

The Calculation

  • First add up the total hours attempted and grade points earned...
    For Example:
    Credit Hours Grade Grade Points
    4 hours X A (4.0) = 16.0
    3 hours X B+ (3.4) = 10.2
    5 hours X C (2.0) = 10.0
    12 hours         36.2
  • Then divide the total grade points by the overall hours
    36.2/12 = 3.01 GPA

    The formulas:
    GPA X Hours = Grade Points
    Grade Points / Attempted Hours = GPA

To Add or Subtract Grades:

1. First you need to get your Transcript Totals. This is available online when you access your Student Academic Transcript.

Example from Student Academic Transcript:
Sample of GPA Calculations

2. Then add or subtract hours and grade points you are considering and then re-divide using the calculation:
Note: You must use GPA Hours not Attempted Hours
GPA Hours includes "E’s", but does not include CLEP, CR/NC, Transfer, etc.


If I got all "B’s" this semester (12 hours), what would happen to my GPA?

  • Add in: 3.00 x 12 hours = 36 grade points
    Refigure: 99.799 54.66
      +36.000 +12.00
      135.799 66.66

135.799 grade points/66.66 hours = 2.037 cum GPA

If I repeated 8 hours on "D’s" this semester, and earned all "B’s", what would happen?

  • Subtract out: 1.00 X 8 hours = 8 grade points
    then add in 3.00 X 8 hours = 24 points
    Refigure: 99.799 54.66
      -8.000 - 8.00
      +24.000 +8.00
      115.799 54.66

    115.799 grade points/54.66 hours = 2.119 cum GPA

If I repeated a 5 hour "E" and a 5 hour "D-" this semester, and earned all "B’s", what would happen?

  • Subtract out: 0.00 X 5 hours = 0 grade points & 0.7 X 5 hours = 3.5 grade points then add in 3.00 X 10 hours = 30 points
    Refigure: 99.799 54.66
      -3.500 -10.00
      +30.000 +10.00

    126.299 grade points/54.66 hours = 2.311 cum GPA