What is Academic Continuity?

Academic Continuity refers to the continuation of academic services at Utah Valley University through online technologies in the event that campus is closed and/or unavailable.

Online Delivery of Courses

Canvas supports synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. Kaltura Live Room (integrated with Canvas) can be used for synchronous video conference lectures and discussions. Canvas features also support asynchronous learning activities, grading, and communication. Online proctoring of quizzes and exams is provided via Proctorio. Login to my.UVU to access Canvas. 

Microsoft Teams is a supported alternative for video conferencing.

A virtual desktop solution via Citrix allows access to Canvas, Teams, and other applications while reducing the need for a high-speed internet connection. 

Stay Informed

Find out about response plans and the current state of UVU operations at uvu.info.

Opt in to emergency alerts via the Campus Safety Webpage

Campus Safety COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Employee Guide


Teaching & Learning

Online learning modalities differ in several ways from a face-to-face course. Here are some resources to help faculty and students engage successfully in online learning at UVU:


All faculty and students have access to Instructure's 24/7 Tier One support for Canvas. You can call 385-204-4930, access Live Help on the Navigation menu in Canvas, or email support@instructure.com.

Find links for Canvas mobile apps and other information on UVU's Canvas website.

The Service Desk can assist with other applications supported by UVU.

More Information


See the university Records website for detailed information on grading for courses that  for courses that were converted to online or had other drastic changes in course delivery or experience due to COVID-19.

Options for continuation, extensions via incomplete grades, or other solutions may also be applicable. These require prior authorization from the department chair and dean. 

Limited Internet Access?

Some faculty and students may not have internet access, or may have bandwidth issues that prevent them from fully engaging in the teaching and learning experience, even with the various options provided. Faculty who wish to use other methods to provide content and engage with their students should work with their department chair to determine the best course of action. Approval from the chair and dean must be received prior to implementing alternative options.

Specialized Software or Labs

Faculty whose courses use software other than the Microsoft Suite or Adobe, you must work with IT to make sure it is available via the Citrix virtual desktop. Please enter a Service Desk request to begin this process. Faculty should discuss plans for lab courses that cannot be delivered online with their department chair.


Faculty should contact their department chair if they have questions about UVU's Academic Continuity plan. Students who experience issues related to academic continuity should e-mail academiccontinuity@uvu.edu.